Collateral Damage

from by Chin Up!

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Collateral Damage

this is war
just keep your head down
and stay in line
they said
speak softly and carry a big stick
but now it's
be silent (keep silent) and speak with your fist


he just wanted to be all that he could be
to mean something to his growing family
sent out of the trenches
and onto the front lines
he can see the enemy every time he closes his eyes

as the days drag on
and the bodies reach the sky
the bombs fall on the guilty and the innocent alike
and he thinks to himself
with his fingers stained with blood

“what have we become?
there’s no such thing as a just war
just the rich profiteering while destroying the poor
fighting holy crusades
in the names of unknown gods
until the innocent dead fill the desert with shallow graves”

the night is on fire
and bombs scream through the air,
the ground explodes beneath his feet
and with tears in his eyes, he cries

“now i'll never see the face of my daughter
my little girl will grow up never knowing her father
how many families have i turned into martyrs
i’ve killed their sons, their wives and their mothers
how many more will have to die
(for) this freedom that is not free
our nation's stained with blood
what have we become?”


from Mehen (special edition), released February 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Chin Up! South Bend, Indiana


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