Crucial Points

by Chin Up!

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released August 9, 2011



all rights reserved


Chin Up! South Bend, Indiana


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Track Name: Basic Chemistry
Basic Chemistry

how can you stand idly by
while people deny others
the basic rights that they enjoy
simply because they are different

this is not about religion
this is not about family
this is discrimination
this is hypocrisy

have you been so blinded
by your own hatred
that you would deny them love?
this is not something that you can cure
this is a matter of the heart

have you been so indoctrinated
by hate and denial
that somehow you think that this is fair?

she shivers on the street
with no place to call home
he cowers in the dark
he's never felt so alone

(aren't we supposed to love them?)

these are our friends and our family
they deserve so much more
this is a call for equality
Track Name: An Uncertain Future
An Uncertain Future

she said "i love you"
but it's such a lonely phrase
she said "forever"
and i miss her more than words can say
we built a castle out of sand
to hold our hopes and our dreams
but i'm not the man that she thought i was
and she's not the person that she seems

i will not give up
i will not give in
i will not give up
i will not let her win

her face is just a fading memory
a reminder of a broken past
her face still haunts me in my dreams
in a future that would not last

i will stand strong
i'll keep my head up
i will keep moving on

i will stand strong
i'll keep my chin up
i will keep moving on
Track Name: Anything

you can do anything
if you just believe
this life is a journey
and you can be anything you want to be
Track Name: Promises Made
Promises Made

this is a promise
i made to myself
a daily reminder
of who i want to be
now and forever
burned into my skin
and with a clean heart
i am finally free

time has passed
and i have made my mistakes
but despite all my regrets
i will keep moving on
with a clear mind
it won't get the best of me

it's been ten years
and i'm still standing strong
the years will pass
i will keep moving on

promises made
that will not fade in time
Track Name: Moving Mountains
Moving Mountains

this is for my friends
this is for my family
this is more than just music
this is community

we've had each other's backs
through the good times and the bad
and when i finally reach the end
i'll look back and i'll smile
at all the good times that we had

it doesn't matter the color of your skin
it doesn't matter where you're from
it doesn't matter if you're gay or straight
('cause) this is home

you are all my friends
you are all my family

and together
we can move mountains
we can change the world